I’ve moved to New York City

Waking up realizing that I’m living in New York City is akin to that feeling you get starting a movie or a new novel. You know it is bound to be interesting– yet you have no idea what may happen. But this in not a book, nor a film. It is my life.

There are moments that challenge us in life. Some small, some large. And the opportunity to overcome those personal challenges, no matter how large, is essential to growth. The unexpected shakes us out from comfort and questions what we’ve come to know as truth.

How could you seek truth without observing what other things exist? How do you grow? Without exploration, change, or challenge, you may come to a ceiling of understanding within your own limited surroundings. So, here I am. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing yet… But I have faith the world will show me.

Hello New York City!

I’ve moved to New York City

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